100% Pure – Brand New Products!

8 Oct

2nd post of the day!  There was an earlier post, so scroll backwards for it.

I am doing a lot of snooping around today!

I visited the 100% Pure US website to spy on their products this early afternoon.

As per my previous blog review on their cranberry cleanser which I absolutely love, I am really interested in this organic brand.  Read the review (if you haven’t yet) HERE.

And today, I see that 100% Pure has launched brand new products!!!  See them HERE.


I WAN I WAN I WAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But alas, the US website does not provide shipping to Singapore yet, but they are in the process of providing shipping to Singapore.  YES!  Anywayz, I have emailed them about international shipping & that was what I was told.  Unless they are just saying it to humor me & cheat my feelings.

In the meantime, if anyone in Singapore decides to purchase 100% Pure products, then I suggest you use VPost.  If you have not heard of VPost, then WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN????  Do you live in a cave?  Are your friends wild baboons?  Do you wear a loin cloth made out of tiger’s skin?

I admit that I myself have not heard of VPost until last 2 weeks.

I KNOW, RIGHT????  Where the hell have I been????  Do I live on mother earth???

I guess I was just not the shopping-online-kind-of-girl.  Therefore, all these online shopping savvy’ness is really not me, but I am slowly discovering the world outside of Singapore while I am in Singapore in front of my laptop.  =D

… what a frog in a well…

But this twiggy frog is trying get out of the well with her tiny arms & explore the world now.

Ok.  So.  VPost, right?  It is like a postal service provided to us Singaporeans by creating a US address for us.  This allows you to shop at US online shops that do not provide shipping outside of the US.  Apparently, there are some US online shops that do not accept international credit cards, so VPost can help you to buy these items for you at a small fee.  Then once the ordered products are delivered to the US address, VPost will send it to your doorstep.  So convenient!  Read more info on VPost HERE in case you are stuck in a well like me.

I might get VPost to order for me because I am sure the 100% Pure US website does not accept international cards.

Their products all look great, especially the Hydrating Body Washes with auto-foaming pumps.  They also have new skincare range like the Jasmine Green Tea collection, Red Wine Resveratrol collection, Skin Brightening collection, Purity Collection & Super Fruits collection.

I am really looking at the Jasmine Green Tea & Super Fruits collections.

Also, thinking of getting some of their body washes with auto-foaming pumps & body lotions… hand creams…. & did I mention before that they also have a make-up range that is made out of fruit pigments?!?!?!??!  ARGH!!!!  WILL MY COMPULSION EVER END?!?!?!?!?!?!  WHEN WILL THEY PROVIDE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING (cheaply is of course preferred)?!?!?!

Image Credit: Unknown


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