The Skin Food: Grapeseed Oil Body Shower Gel

2 Oct

(did I post the above photo a little too bit?  Oh well)


There are a whole bunch of photos, but I will post them up sooner or later.  I’ve taken all photos with my new Sony Nex-5!!!  And I am definitely loving the photo quality.  No regrets in getting it.

Regardless whether I am embarking towards the natural / organic range, I guess I’m still open to try out the other commercial products in the market.

I have been to The Skin Food outlet at Suntec City quite a number of times & the Grapeseed Oil range (namely the Body Shower Gel & Body Emulsion) is always sold out!!!  WHY IS THIS SO????  Is it really that good???  And because it is unavailable, I pre-ordered my products from an online blogshop.  Actually, I order my Korean brands from a few online blogshops after months of thorough research on who is offering a better deal or lower price.

I bought this Grapeseed Oil shower gel (from an online blogshop) at about SGD$17 & I received the product in early Sept.  If I am not wrong, retail stores are selling this at about SGD$25 (can’t really remember).

At the back of the product, it states that the shower gel contains jojoba beads & nutrient-rich grape seed oil that can smoothen the skin.  But does it really?  See below photo:

(click photo for larger image)

Now that I am more aware about the ingredients in our products, I am definitely curious to see what it contains, but I do not read Korean.

Luckily for us non-Koreans, The Skin Food is considerate enough to include an English version on a peel-back label as shown below!!!

(click photo for larger image)

They are so considerate. Now we can look at the ingredients!  See below photo:

(this is as large as it can get… if you still cannot read the words on the above photo, then please get your eyes checked by a professional optician)

Looking at the top few ingredients  & I am feeling a little skeptical already.  This is because those ingredients listed on the top will contain the bulk of the contents in a product.  And those listed at the bottom means that there are only traces of the ingredients, kind of like… … sprinkling pepper on your big bowl of porridge.

And now I’m seeing a whole bunch of chemicals being listed on the top.  The jojoba seads & grapeseed extract are somewhere in the middle.


ANYWAY, I still tested it out & I am going to finish the bottle.

When I squeezed the shower gel out, it oozes out slowly which tells me that its consistency is very very thick.  And those little dark purple dots you see are the jojoba beads.

I must say that the smell is rather pleasant.  =)   It has this light sweet grape fragrance.  I am a sucker for fragrances.

(click photo for larger image)

Despite the fragrance, the texture itself is terrible.  It felt like I was soaping myself with those cheap liquid glue that I used back in school.

It is thick & slimy & a portion of the shower gel sticks to my palm even after I applied it directly on my body.  Hmmm… I think it would probably work better if I foam it up on a loofah first.

The distribution of jojoba seeds in the shower gel is acceptable, but I still can’t bring myself to like this because of the glue’y texture.

I will not be repurchasing this anymore.

The way I see it, I rather buy a bar of natural soap from Chagrin Valley as it will cost me about SGD$13 (including shipping, if I purchase 7 items together).  It is cheaper & healthier.  You can view their website HERE.  They do ship internationally.  And once I am done with my current commercial products, I will be switching over to the natural ones soon.

Sad to say, no Berry Mii stamp for this product.  And this makes me even more curious why is this product sold out in Singapore???

My friend who asked me to get her the Grapeseed Oil Emulsion for the 1st time, also told me that she is not quite satisfied with the emulsion because even though it smells sweet, but somehow felt artificial & left her feeling even more dry after some time.

Just for viewer’s sake, this is a photo of the Grapeseed Oil Emulsion which I took after I received the product.

(click photo for larger image)

I guess it is just a personal preference & right now, my subconscious is telling me to cut down on the usage of chemicals on my body.

I am also using a body scrub from The Face Shop & I do not hate it.  I know it also contains chemicals, but I definitely prefer the TFS body scrub over this Grapeseed Shower Gel.

I will probably do a post on the body scrub from TFS soon.

… … …

Do you think my obsession with natural / organic products have gone too far??

Or do you agree that we should take precautions against potentially harmful chemicals?


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