My Short Days

24 Sep

I sometimes experience short days.

Not exactly short working days, although that would be nice.

But there are days (like today), when I look down on the floor while I’m walking & I realize how close the ground is to me.

Today, it looks extra close & my legs look short, which in turn makes me feel short.

Is it the fact that I am not wearing my heels today?  Or maybe it’s because I am wearing jeans today?

And because the ground looks so close to me, I feel that my legs are short & therefore, I try to take longer strides & stand a little bit straighter.

When I see girls who are taller than me, I imagine what it will be like to be standing at their height & so I walk on tip-toes until my calves hurt.

Am I the only one who feel this way?  Or is there someone out there who has a ‘short’ day too?  Do we all wish that we are taller?

Anyway, I’m at the height of about 162 cm.  It’s not THAT short.



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