100% Pure: Organic Cranberry Facial Cleansing Foam

20 Sep

Dated 20 Sept 2010
p.s – i am very very angry!!!!  I lost all my photos in my laptop due to virus!!!  And as one of my Facebook friends put it, it is one classic FML situation.

Therefore, I have to take the photos from the original 100% Pure website first to put up this post.  I will put up my own original photos of the product once I get my laptop back.

Dated 28 Sept 2010
NEWLY UPDATED:  Hey people!  I have updated those missing photos as I have gotten my laptop back already!  Check it out if you want.  All updated parts are typed out in this soothing green color.  How considerate of me.  =D

In my previous blog posts on my discovery of organic skincare (Part I is HERE & there is a link in there for Part II), I said that I will provide my review on the organic skincare products in 3 weeks’ time.

One of these products is the Organic Cranberry Facial Cleansing Foam from the brand 100% Pure.


Front View

Close-Up View

Let’s see what this cleanser can do for our skin!  See below photo!

Long before the birth of this blog, there must have been dozens of cleansers that I have washed my sensitive face with in my past many years.  Neutrogena, Bioessence, Beauty Credit, The Face Shop, The Skin Food, Biore, Shu Uemura, Shiseido, etc etc.

Some of these cleansers dried my skin out, which caused lots of flaking skin & dry rough patches (especially around my mouth area).

Others left my face producing more oil than ever.

A few of them irritated & probably made my cold sores worse.

A minority of the cleansers did not inflict any further harm, but also did not improve anything.

In a way, it was my own skin that could not tolerate the chemicals used in these cleansers.  They will probably work better on people with tougher flesh & higher immunity system.

If you are looking to feed your skin with wholesome natural goodness, then I suggest you go organic as well because our skin basically absorbs up to 60 – 70% of whatever stuff we apply to it.

Why I chose this brand over so many other organic brands in the world???  I have absolutely no idea.  Maybe it is because when I look at its ingredient list, it contains only natural ingredients.

But but but… exactly how natural???

You can check it out for yourself!  See below photo for ingredient list:

Ingredients:Organic White Tea1, Organic Green Tea1, Organic Rose Hydrosol1, Extracts of Organic Cranberry2, Organic Raspberry2, Organic Blackberry2, Organic Cherry2, Organic Pomegranate2, Organic Blueberry2, Organic Grapefruit Seed3, Organic Rosemary4, Organic Thyme4, Organic Oregano4, Organic Goldenseal5, Organic Cinnamon4 and Organic Blood Orange2, Organic Tangerine Essential Oil2, Coconut Cleanser (coco betaine), Citric Acid, Witch Hazel, Japanese Honeysuckle Extract

1 Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth Certified Organic
2 Certified Organic by Organic Certifiers
3 Certified Organic by Baystate Certification Organic
4 Certified Organic by QAI
5 Certified Organic by Maryland Department of Agriculture

It does not even contain WATER, okay.  You want to know why?  Because according to my EXTENSIVE research on Google, I found out that air & water are the 2 elements that will cause products to go ‘bad’.

And since 100% Pure does not use preservatives that will cause irritation to your skin, they take out water & replace it with tea – Organic White Tea & Organic Green Tea.  This is to minimize the chances of the products going ‘bad’.

How radical is that?!?!

I am no expert, but isn’t green tea supposed to be high in antioxidants & all kind of lovely stuff associated with it???  And now, it is not only green tea, but ORGANIC green tea with a certification from Oregon Tilth Certified Organic!!!  *thumbs up thumps up*

I have been using this cleanser every single day since Thursday (02 Sept 2010).  This is for all skin types, especially for those with dull skin.  Yay for me!  Because I have the ultimate dull tired-looking skin ever made in human history!!!  I am exaggerating, but I do look tired or ‘yellow’ all the time.

I have to stress that I have stopped ALL other skincare products.  And I am using this cleanser together with the products from The Organic Pharmacy, so I am currently still not sure if the results that I am getting now is due to the cleanser or the other skincare from The Organic Pharmacy or both.  But my next blog post will be on the skincare from The Organic Pharmacy.

Let’s talk about this cleanser first.

The liquid in the transparent container is light yellowish in color & its consistency is like water scratch that, juice.  It resembles ORANGE juice.  You might even see some residue at the top of the liquid, but I guess that is perfectly normal as it is probably from the natural ingredients.

In fact, it even smells like freshly peeled oranges.

When I squeeze the pump at the top, frothy deliciously-smelling foam comes out.  See photo below:

It is amazing how it can foam like this when there are no chemicals in this cleanser!  Then I looked closer at the ingredients & noticed Coco-Betaine, so that’s how they do it.  This ingredient is derived from coconut & is used to create foam, so it is kind & gentle to our skin.

In addition, if you look at the label, you will notice this symbol with a number on it.  See below photo:

This symbol with the drawing of an opened container means that once opened, the product’s shelf life is up to 6 months.

As the organic products do not contain preservatives, it has an understandably shorter shelf life.  That is why manufacturers produce these products in small quantities, so that they can remain fresh!  In other words, it is good for us consumers because we get to purchase FRESHIES!!!

Getting on with the actual review!!!

This cleanser is NOT harsh at all.  It does not leave me with a burning sensation around my mouth / lip area & it did not make my skin feel tight.  When I previously used a tea tree cleanser from Beauty Credit, my lip area immediately felt like it was BURNING, ok.

There is also no weird reaction to the cleanser like cold sores or funny itch rash on my chin.

After I wash off the cleanser with warm water, it feels slightly moisturizing but not oily.  Does that make any sense??  Hmmm… ok, just imagine you grab some papaya skin to wipe across your face.  Sorry, that’s the best description I can think of.  It is the feeling of smoothness & feeling safe, knowing that it contains only organic stuff.

In fact, I can choose not to slap on any moisturizer after washing my face because it does not feel too tight or dry.  Unless the weather is kinda cold, then my cheeks will feel a little too painful from the dryness.

What’s up with my face, right????  It’s either you stay oily or you stay dry or you are normal.  What the hell do I have oily T-zone but super dry cheeks?!?!?!?!  FRUSTRATING!!!

Although it states that the cleanser can remove makeup, but I personally would not try that.  I still believe in using a proper makeup remover.

This cleanser is slowly, but surely taking its place in becoming my #1 must-have cleanser!

I honestly love the freshly squeezed juice scent.  It is NATURAL, HEALTHY & ORGANIC and and… and…. THANK YOU MOTHER OF ALL NATURE!!!!

I am so grateful to have found this organic cleanser that my heart is just bursting with emotions now.  You have no idea how desperate I am to find a product that doesn’t give me allergy problems or cold sores!!!

However, being the unfaithful lover that I am, I might want to try out the Cucumber Facial Cleanser under the same brand as well.  In fact, I suddenly want to try out all the 100% Pure products now!!!



One thing I have to admit is that when you see the packaging for all the 100% Pure products, they look like some cheapo brand that nobody wants to buy.

But as I researched over the internet, it seems like people love this brand for its natural organic ingredients!  And by ‘people’, I mean the ang  mohs (Caucasians).  I am almost sure that us Singaporeans have never heard of 100% Pure unless you are obsessed over organic stuff, especially the younger generation.  I mean, I am not THAT young, but I was also previously obsessed with Korean skincare because they all look so cute & fascinating.

Next reviews will be on The Organic Pharmacy!!!  This brand is said to be well-liked by famous Hollywood people!  WHAT???????  SURE OR NOT!!!  Definitely must set my standards higher now.

And before I end this post, this organic Cranberry cleanser deserves a Berry Mii stamp of approval!!!!


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