The Discovery of Organic Skincare (Part 2)

8 Sep

In case you feel that this post is all over the place & not in a rational sequence, that is because I am blogging this in the middle of the night & feeling very groggy now, but yet cannot go to bed until I let out all these thoughts in my head.

I love blogs.  Do you love blogs?  I think they are like online diaries where you leave a piece of you in the virtual world & it remains there for your kids or grandkids or great-grandkids or any future family member whom you will never meet after you pass away.  But they can still type in your blog address & read what their ancestors (ie: me) have experienced in the past.

And obviously, my future generations will probably realize that I have been obsessed with skincare for now.  And I still have lots of posts on FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD.  And who knows where else my obsession will take me in the future?  Oh right, I am also searching for a semi-pro camera!

Anyway, further to my previous blog post HERE, I realized something strange.

As I was doing  my research on where to purchase organic skincare in Singapore, it was actually difficult to find any information related to this.


I need help!!!  I feel so paranoid from all these stares from people.  They keep looking at my mouth area!!!

In animal world, it would probably feel like:

“HA HA never wash mouth ah!!
HA HA got pimple on your lip!!
HA HA your face got mushrooms growing!!”
Image Credit: Unknown



I figure that Singaporeans are so not into the whole organic trend yet.  Instead, it is the Americans & the Canadians & the British who are more into organic skincare.

Although my mother got into this manic craze over organic food products 10 years ago, we ourselves have never even thought about organic skincare until I got sick of my face looking like crap all the time + my new doctor urging me to use products that are free from parabens / chemicals / preservatives / fragrances.

When she said free from everything, the 1st thought in my head was, “siao ah… where to find this kind of product“.

What does this tell you?  Are Singaporeans really that ignorant towards the availability of organic skincare???  Or we just don’t care?  Or is it just me who is oblivious to healthy stuff?

Hmmm… let’s give this a little thought.

I think there are a few logical reasoning to this:

1)  Singaporeans are not as exposed to organic skincare!!!

Instead, we are crazy over the Korean brands because they are endorsed by cutesy Korean actors / actresses bouncing around adorably on our Korean dramas.

We also have high-end products like Estee Lauder & Shu Uemura & SKII calling all the big shots.  But organic skincare???  Can you even think of 1 TV advertisement on organic skincare???  I know I can’t.

Note: For some strange reason, Bee Choo comes to mind, but I do
not think they are organic. Herbs, yes. But organic? I dunno.

2)  Singaporeans are not as concerned about health because we take our healthcare benefits for granted.

Unlike the Americans, they need to purchase health insurance in order to be subsidized for medical treatment.

But us?  We get to enjoy subsidized rates at Polyclinics & Government Hospitals just by being Singaporeans!  How great is that?  But this probably leads us to think that we do not need to take care of our health.

3)  Organic skincare is not readily available here in Singapore!

Why is that????  I have been trying to source for a store here in Singapore that carries various organic brands & so far, only 1 store came up – Bud Cosmetics.

Either that or we have to ship directly from the brand’s website itself.

Maybe I am really bad at research, but I shall press on & look for more local alternatives!!!

KAMBATE~~~~~ (if that is even the right spelling)

Wait wait wait…

… must include act cute symbol…    (^_^)v

4)  Organic skincare is expensive.

You bet it is.  I recently bought a cleanser from 100% Pure & a starter kit from The Organic Pharmacy.  Don’t bother to search for their retail outlets because they are not in Singapore.  I bought their products through Bud Cosmetics & you can view the website HERE.  They do home delivery too.

The cleanser alone costs $36.

The starter kit can probably only last you about 3 – 4 weeks & it costs a whopping $150!!!  Just for a trial set!!!

Organic skincare can be between the range of Shiseido to SKII to Estee Lauder, depending on the brand you get.  It is definitely not your Biore or Neutrogena.  So far, I have not found an organic skincare below the price of SGD$20.  =(

Btw, I am currently on the search for organic skincare is partly due to my current skin problems.  Just this year alone, I have no idea why my face decided to go on a strike & burst out with cold sores + weird rashes + mosquito-like itchy bumps.

Too much chemicals accumulated over the years?  Probably.

You know I think my body has some kind of WARNING trigger.  Sometimes, when I eat too much meat, my body suddenly will crave for vegetables.  Or if I’m drinking too much soft drinks, my mouth will crave for water.  Or when I snack too much, even the cookie looks like it is giving me a disapproving look.

Grandma, is that you?????
Image Credit: Unknown


Do you experience this too, or is it just me?

That is also why I believe that now my face is going on strike.  It is craving for the natural goodness from mother nature.

Does this mean that Berry Mii will no longer use non-organic skincare?


I am still very much interested in kawaii-looking skincare from Korea.  So far, Innisfree & Baviphat are pretty gentle on the skin & some of their products do work, you just got to find the right one for you.

Besides, now that I know I have organic skincare to fall back on, I might go even wilder on trying out all these products.








The End.


One Response to “The Discovery of Organic Skincare (Part 2)”

  1. Matthew Eden 31 May 2016 at 11:06 PM #

    Hello Berrymii

    I am writing from London England as I have just been reading your blog on organic skincare from 2010, even though that was 6 years ago I thought that as a long term user of synthetic free & organic skincare myself i would highly recommend the company’s weleda & green people as two organic skincare companies at much lower price points with highly effective results. Though they may not be so easy to find in Singapore!

    Hope you are well & blogging away.

    Matthew Eden

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