The Discovery of Organic Skincare (Part I)

4 Sep

Just a quick one today.

Remember I had these horrible cold sores for like… MONTHS???  Don’t remember?  Click HERE to see how bad it is.  This basically went on for about 5-6 months already.  Recently, my doctor put me on 2 weeks antibiotics + 1 week anti-viral medication + continuous application of an anti-viral cream.  So why do I have a massive breakout of cold sores?  It could be any of the reasons as stated in my previous blog.

Besides the horrifying cold sores, you may ask any of my ex-colleagues & they will tell you that I have been having these weird rash since 2 years ago.  This weird bumpy / scaly rash is located on my chin & occasionally the right side of the corner lip would flake like crazy & eventually get infected.  Why am I getting this?  Even my doctor doesn’t know, but she said that she suspects it is eczema.

Also, my face will itch like crazy if I use the wrong facial products.

You know what I think?

I think this is one of those FML moments big time.  Which human on earth wants to live life constantly worrying about her freakin face?  It makes me feel goddamn self-conscious, I tell you.

Ok that is actually not what I wanted to say.  What I really wanted to say was that I think it was my facial products.  Especially the facial cleanser from Beauty Credit called Acnever.  Thank god they are going to discontinue this Acnever cleanser.  Beauty Credit has replaced it with this Bamboo cleanser which I heard from my brother that it worked WONDERS for his face.  And it is true.  This Bamboo cleanser got rid of all my brother’s chin acne & his face is practically reborn.  Jealous.

Anyway, my constant outbreak of cold sores + weird rash drove me to DESPERATION MODE.  I just want to have good clear skin!  Is that so wrong?!?!?!

But I can’t help that I have got sensitive skin.  I do not have iron-clad skin like some of you.  There are people who can use harsh soaps on their faces & it doesn’t even harm them one little bit.

Since the doctor told me to go simple & use products that are free from parabens / chemicals / fragrances /etc, I started to do my own research on the internet.  I wanted to know which ingredients are the so-called chemicals, etc etc.

For a whole month, I started to research on what the hell are those ingredients in our skincare.  It’s pretty amazing what the internet can tell you & you’ll be shocked at what you can find.  I won’t go into details on this, but if you really want to find out, go grab one of your skincare now & key the ingredients into your Google search engine.

My research led me to Organic skincare.  I was skeptical, but curious & also aware that organic products are always more costly.  See HERE for my post on the Elianto Organic Infusion mask.  I still have a yet-to-be posted review on its cleanser, which will be soon.

Again, I have to remind you that just because the product has the word ORGANIC on them, it does not mean that the product contains only organic stuff.  You have to look closer at the ingredient list.

Overall, I think Elianto is pretty decent.  But are there more organic brands out there?  There ARE.

I’m particularly interested in these 2 brands at the moment:

1)  100% Pure

2)  The Organic Pharmacy

So far, these 2 brands do not include any funny stuff in their products apart from organic ingredients.  I have bought a few products from them already & am trying them out.  If you’re interested, my reviews will be coming up soon.  But not so soon.  Probably in another 3 weeks’ time, because I want to be sure of their results before reviewing them.

I’m still in the search for more organic brands!  =)

In the meantime, wish me luck!  I really need these products to work for my sensitive skin right now.  Pray that my cold sores + weird rash will disappear for good.

Have a good Saturday, people!  =)

Updated:  Read Part II over HERE.


2 Responses to “The Discovery of Organic Skincare (Part I)”

  1. Shirley 8 February 2011 at 2:51 AM #

    Hey Berry,

    It’s great that you are really looking into your skincare routine. Just beware that just because it’s organic you still need to read formulas. Lots of companies use essential oils for the fragrance components but forget that they are also medicine. I see citrus used in sensitive skin products all the time. NOOO! Have you ever got orange juice in a cut? Why would you add citrus to your sensitive face? There are so many crappy natural brands because they think about a nice smelling product first instead of it from healing qualities. Lavender is my favorite EO but it is also very drying but used in dry skin stuff all the time.

    I have been down the same road as you but lucky I am in Canada and I can get organic natural skincare more easily but the grass is always greener as I am exploring BB creams and have to order it online from Asia :(. Waiting for so many packages.

    I suggest John Masters Organics as they are not too expensive and good quality. I especially love his philosophy and how he runs his company. The problem with avoiding parabens is that they will use citrus oils, rosemary, or alcohol instead to preserve and they are irritating to sensitive skin but he does not use them in the old formulas. He has newer formulations that I have not yet tested and is now using polysorbate to preserve. I have to look further into the effects of that when I rebuy JM stuff.

    There is also Fancl, HadoLabo and Juju, Dr Ci Labo which I am trying to obtain to test that market themselves as no scent, no mineral oil and no alcohol formulations.

    As for your cold sores, it is an immune deficiency. Try to drink purified water, herbal teas and some juices instead of pop drinks. Pop drinks make you lose minerals so your body gets deficient. Also look into obtaining lysine as it is very effective for cold sores.

    • Berry Mii 8 February 2011 at 12:17 PM #

      Shirley! Where have you been during my traumatic cold sore/eczema experience???? I recently just found out about L-Lysine & have been taking it for about 1 month now. Seems like it does help a little. The occurance is lessen & the duration is shortened. But I’m still getting cold sores. =( I even cut down a lot on processed sugar since a few months back. Still getting cold sores, but not that severe anymore. However, I noticed the rest of my face looks better now. haha!

      You sure know a lot about EOs! I didn’t know Lavender is drying. No wonder I don’t feel the love for this 100% Pure cleanser I bought (it’s the Lavender Honey one) as it leaves my skin feel a little too dry. I thought it was the foaming ingredient.

      I have heard of John Masters but those that I found here were just…. way too expensive. I probably will try out his shampoos as I still haven’t been able to find a decent natural shampoo. I did try Aubrey Organics, but… still not something that I would use frequently.

      Love to hear from you again, Shirley! See you around!

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