Elianto: Organic Infusion Rebalancing Face Mask

3 Sep


You know I love Kurt (the girly guy) on Glee???  There was this one episode where his father went something like, “I think your head is turning to mush with all that hair products you put in your hair”.  And Kurt was like, “oh don’t worry about it.  It’s organic”.

Most of us probably never heard of the brand name – Elianto.  I haven’t too, until I was in Tampines Mall on this rare occasion (I hardly travel that far to the east).  They have a booth there on the 2nd storey.  Now I’m a frequent shopper at Tampines Mall.  NOT because of Elianto.  Geez.  Because of the variety of stuff I can see there!  Read my previous post HERE.

I browsed the products on the Elianto shelf & came across this Organic Infusion range.  What caught my eye was obviously the word “ORGANIC”.

I was particularly interested in the face mask.  I dunno why but among the rest of the skincare products (ie: cleansers, toners, moisturizers, etc), the face masks interest me the most.

As I read the product packaging, I feel more & more compelled to get it.

(click for larger photo)

No paraben, chemical & fragrance?

ECOCERT certified?

HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!

*buys one immediately, maybe with a little touch of compulsion but will eventually end up with no regrets*

And naturally, anything that is organic, cannot be cheap.  For a petite tube at 50ml, it cost about $20.  Squeeze a few times & you’ve down the tube by half (just kidding but it does feel that way because the tube is supermodel skinny, if you know what I mean).

The second I reach home, I slap some on my face.

The mask comes in the form of a cream that is smooth & light.  It does not feel heavy or sticky.  Kind of feels like a facial moisturizer, but with a slightly thicker consistency.

Obviously the scent is nothing great as it is free from fragrance.  To me, it smells a little like a Chinese herbs shop.  But others might think it has a sandalwood scent.  Either ways, this type of smell doesn’t bother me.  Who cares about scents when it can do wonders for my skin.

I know the instructions tell you to apply a generous amount, leave it for 20mins, massage in, tissue off & apply toner.  It didn’t even tell you to rinse off the excess mask cream.

I always want to do things my way as there is always this small nagging voice that tells me not to leave any funny stuff on my face.  Therefore, my procedures are as follows:

1)  Apply an adequate amount (why must be GENEROUS?).

2)  Leave it for 20mins.

3)  Lightly massage in using my fingertips in a circular motion.  At this point, some dried cream would have come off your face like bits of dirt.

4)  THEN I lightly wet my face with water & massage some more for another 1 or 2 mins.

5)  WASH OFF with warm water (leaving mask cream on your face seems so… … wrong).

6)  Follow up with the rest of your skincare regime like toner & zit cream or whatever.

I have been using this face mask 2 times a week for a continuous total of 12 weeks.

Personally, it has worked fabulously for me.

I was having these small pus-zits around my face & some were trapped underneath the skin which looked like bumps on my face.

By the 2nd time I used the face mask, those irritating bumps that were beneath the skin actually resurfaced & looked ready to pop with the yellow pus head that sticks out, but of course I don’t pop them & leave them alone to heal on its own.  Popping pimples always will leave a dark-colored mark.

Around the 3rd week, the zits have reduced significantly.  I wouldn’t say that it’s a miracle and ALL the zits are gone.  This is not some miracle product.  But the zits are much much lesser, it goes away quicker & the frequency of reappearance has also reduced.

Also, my face tends to feel tight & dry especially around the cheek & mouth area (which is also known as your U-zone), but after I slap some of this organic face mask on, it takes away all that dryness.  Quenching my face with its with moisturizing effects.

It is not heavy, so I didn’t break out into zits or blackheads.  IN FACT, it made my pores look cleaner!!!  Or it could be because I did Step 4 above & all that massage that I did to pamper my face has also rubbed off all the dirt in my clogged pores. hmmm…

This is definitely going to be a PR (Permanent Resident) in my bathroom cabinet!!!

*heart feels with deep love*

Before I end this blog post, I also looked up some of the ingredients on Google:

(click for larger photo)

The thing that I’m not so keen about is that it contains some alcohol ingredients in there.  And we all know what alcohol can do to your skin.  It dries it out!  I’ve done a lot of research on the internet & a lot of skincare websites state that it does too!  But when there are so many other goody ingredients in this face mask, I think I can close 1 eye to the alcohol contents.

Nice ingredients are like:

Caprylic / Capric Triglyceride
This is derived from coconut oil and glycerin.  It can quickly penetrate the surface to condition the skin / hair & provides a lightweight and non-greasy barrier of lubrication.  It also helps enhance the delivery of vitamins, pigments and other active ingredients contained in a solution so that they become evenly spread out and fully absorbed by the epidermis.

Melissa Officinalis Leaf Extract
It has wonderful soothing and cooling properties while at the same time, it contains anti-viral and antibiotic properties to boost the health of the skin and acting as a general tonic as well.

Sounds good, right??

On a last last final note, remember to do a patch test each time you purchase a new product!!!  Even if some products are using organic or natural ingredients, you will still need to do a patch test!  You never know if you might be allergic to some essential oils or any food products (like almonds?).

Personally for me, I will definitely give this face mask a Berry Mii stamp of approval.  =D


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