The Face Shop: Raspberry Collagen Eye Patch

29 Aug

As we age, our eyelids start to sag.  Fine lines appear when we laugh (oh hell, my laugh lines are even there when I am not laughing).  Our skin starts to dry up, resulting in even more wrinkles & looser saggy skin.  Sad.

Like some wise one said, “Eyes are the windows to the soul”.

But what if our eyes look like we haven’t slept for days or what if they look lifeless???  What would that say about our souls???  :-\

So, off I go in search for the perfect (is there really such a thing as perfect?) remedy for tired eyes that are loosing their elasticity.

My sister’s friend then told me that she SWEARS BY this eye patch from The Face Shop which she first discovered in Korea.  She told me that she bought practically a whole luggage back because it was so much cheaper than getting them in Singapore & she was willing to SELL me some.  😐  Sell?  Can give or not?  *me the cheapskate fella*

I eventually bought 8 packets of eye patches from her because she said that to achieve optimum results, the Korean salesperson told her to use it at least 2 times a week for a continuous period of 4 weeks.

Sadly, the instructions are all in Korean.  How I wish that The Face Shop Korea can provide an English translation like their competitor – The Skin Food Korea!!!  I have absolutely no idea what it is trying to tell me.  See below photo:

Especially the cute little girl cartoon that they drew on the back of the packet.  See below photo:


What is it trying to tell me???

*ponders over the drawing for a while*

Ahh!!  *light bulb moment*

I think it’s trying to say, “look cute .  30-40 mins later, then put on collagen eye patches under the eyes.




Send help, please.

In the end, I managed to get my sister to contact her friend for some advise.

Her friend told me that the salesperson in Korea gave her some interesting tips as follows (and she couldn’t have provided these tips when my sister went to collect my eye patches from her???? I mean, I super appreciate it):

1)  There are 2 sides to the eye patch.  The gauze side & the jelly side.  So we’ll have to determine which is which first.  Of course, paste the jelly side to your eyes.

2)  Leave it under your eyes for 30 – 40mins.

3)  Remove.

4)  Throw away?????  NO.  The process is not done!  You may also make use of the eye patches for your laugh lines!!!  Don’t waste!!!  PASTE IT at the corner of your lips!!!

5)  Leave them on for another 10 – 15 mins.

6)  Remove.

7)  Ok… NOW you may throw the eye patches away.

I got to rave about the Raspberry Collagen Eye Patch from The Face Shop.  After finishing the eye patch supplies at the end of the 4-week testing, I am totally in love with this product now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I finally understand why my sister’s friend swears by this eye patch.  For the simple fact that it WORKS.

The skin around my eye area is no longer loose.  It is tighter.  My eyes look brighter (although I’m not too sure about how moisturizing the eye patch can be)!!!  Actually, I’m quite curious if this raspberry eye patch can get rid of dark circles as well because I do feel that it appears slightly lighter, but because the whole packet is written in Korea, I can never fully understand what purpose it is for except for the word COLLAGEN on the front of the packet.  Or maybe it is because my eyes don’t look that tired anymore, so they look brighter??  *shrugs*

Collagen = tighter = younger = fresher

*big love for collagen*

I tried to take before & after pictures of my eyes, but the difference doesn’t really show up on photos.  I mean, it is not cosmetic surgery that I had gone thru, right????  So the changes are not THAT drastic to be captured on film.

Besides, there are too many factors that contribute to an accurate photo (like lighting or the angle of the camera, etc).  And I am so not prepared to use the eye patch on only ONE side of my eye, then take a photo to compare both sides.  The sacrifice is way too big, man.

Using just the naked eye to examine myself in the mirror, there really is an improvement.  I totally approve of this eye patch!!!

You can get this in our local The Face Shop stores.  But I’m warning you, it doesn’t come cheap.  The last time I checked, they are selling this at $9.90 for 2 packets.  1 packet contains 1 pair of eye patch.  So, this means it costs $4.95 per packet for 1 time use.  It is actually more expensive than some of the mask sheets I got.  But I guess it is worth it.  That’s why I encourage you to use the eye patches for your laugh lines too.



Oh right, before I end this post, I give this a SUPER ULTRA BIG Berry Mii stamp of approval!!!!  =D


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  1. Elsa Tenhaeff 6 July 2014 at 7:41 PM #

    great guide, thank you

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