Why we like to spook ourselves during Hungry Ghost Month?

27 Aug

I am beginning to see a trend here.

During Chinese New Year, there is always some Jackie Chan movie or a Jack Neo movie.

For this Hungry Ghost Month, we have:

*shudders shudders*

A while ago, when I was at Golden Village Tampines Mall, the poster that I saw hypnotised me.  While my friends were buying popcorn, there is just something about this poster that beckons to me, “Berry… Berry… lai ah… guo lai ah**”.

**chinese-english translation: come over here


I was so fixated with this poster, mainly because it’s creepy & intriguing at the same time.  If you cannot see anything out of the ordinary with this dark shady poster, then you better go get your eyes checked.

Today, there was a review of the movie that is due to be released on 02 Sept.  Read it HERE.  It appears that the filmmakers have a blog as well (which you can find in the link).

I have to admit that during my younger & more fearless years, a group of my friends decided that it was super fun to visit the haunted places around Singapore.  There was the old Toa Payoh Hospital & some white house or red house on a hill, and that one other place with the 2 stone lions at the front of the abandoned gates, a couple of graveyards.  We have also gone into this old Changi Hospital as featured in the movie.

Nothing scary happened to us in the old Changi Hospital. *CHOY*

But I have to say that my first horror adventure was when Jon drove us to the old Toa Payoh Hospital, we all smelt something funny (and I’m not talking about funky smells like farts or body odor).  It was a sweet fragrance.  And stupid me, who was a newbie to all these religious dos & don’ts actually opened my mouth and said, “wah lau eh… one of you is overpowering me with your perfume sia“.

Everyone’s immediate response to that was a BIG LOUD…



So rude, right?


Apparently I’m not supposed to be pointing any smells out.

HOW I KNOW AH?????????  Nobody gave me a 101 Dummy’s guide to Do’s & Don’ts When You Visit A Haunted House!

In the old Toa Payoh hospital, it was visually kind of scary.  I think some devil worshippers have made some offerings there, drew some demon faces on the wall with red paint (or blood), white candles everywhere, no lighting (of course, what was I thinking), creeky doors & also that strange sweet fragrance which I should have shut up about.

Then there was that abandoned big grand house on a hill.  On another occasion, Jon got to drive his dad’s lorry so he trucked the whole lot of us sitting at the back of the lorry.  Again, feeling young & foolish dangerous, we wanted to get a cheap thrill again.  But even before we drove up that hill, this VERY HOSTILE dirty-looking skinny old Indian woman jumped out of NOWHERE & started to, “pehpliiiii kalikuna baplikanonaaa piplaaa” or something like that because all of us couldn’t understand what she was shouting to us.  She has a pair of transparent looking bulging eyes.  Her pupils did not look black, but more towards a lighter shade of bluish-grey.

Jon was so shocked that he immediately swerved the lorry around so sharply that we banged against the side of the lorry panels.  Still thanking our lucky stars that we did not fall over the panels & having to face the old indian lady alone.  I mean, getting injured is one thing but facing that old lady with the bulging eyes was a whole different issue.

Now that I think about it, I guess that old indian lady was just protecting some illegal immigrants who were sleeping in that abandoned building on the hill.  Or was there something more than meets the eye?  Hmmmm…

Another occasion, we went to the Bidadari Cemetery some time near midnight.  No lorry this time, Jon drove his dad’s car.  The gates to the cemetery were opened, so Jon decided to reverse into the cemetery instead of driving head first.  His logic was that if anything happened, we could make a quick getaway.  Good idea!

But as he was reversing, he suddenly said, “eh… how come the back window is so blur??  I can’t see anything“.

All of us turned around & noticed this mist or fog slowly but surely enveloping the entire car from the back.

I was seated at the back of the car & I looked out the side window nearest to me and saw how the water vapour was forming on the window.  It almost covered the entire side window when one of our friends seated in the front passenger seat told Jon to just drive off.

I told them it was just water vapour because there were a lot of trees in the cemetery.  But the friend who was seated in the front passenger seat said that he thought he saw a figure in the fog, that was why he told Jon to drive out.

*can feel the hairs standing on my body now*

m.. m… maybe it’s the caretaker???

That was actually the last time we visited haunted places again.

Also, now that we are older & probably wiser, we either outgrown cheap thrills or we decided not to put our noses where they don’t belong.

I still have so many real-life encounters of the unknown.  But I shall leave that to next time.  I don’t think it is healthy to scare yourself for a prolonged period of time.


W…w…. w… WHO’S THAT BEHIND YOU?!?!?!?!?!

just kidding.

or maybe not.



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