The Skin Food: Ginseng Wash-Off Mask

25 Aug

We have tried a lot of face masks in our lives, whether it is a mask sheet or a wash-off mask or a peel-off or even a heating mask.

But how many of us can say that the mask actually smells strongly of Ginseng???


There is this new range of Wash-Off masks at The Skin Food and the one we tested 2 times a week for a continuous period of 3 weeks is the Ginseng mask!!!

Click on any of the images to see a larger photo.

One of our human ‘test subjects’ had bought this from a local supplier who carries authentic Korea products & we are all eager to find out what the results are like!

As you can see, everything is written in Korean.  We were quite disappointed to see that the ingredient list is also written in Korean because we want to know what is in this mask.

But wait!!!

What is this flap at the bottom of the container that says, “Open Here”??

Not possible you scoop the mask out from THERE, right???

*itchy fingers pick at the flap*

Gosh!!!  The Skin Food Korea is kind & considerate enough to include English!!!  In fact, I think among all the Korean brands, The Skin Food is the only one who included an English version on both their website & products.  They deserve an award or something, man.

When you first open the container, it is the very strong Ginseng smell that hits you first.  This should mean that there are lots & lots of good stuff in this mask, right??  As you peek at the mask, it has an off yellowish-grey color & there are tiny bits of Ginseng powder evenly distributed in the gel-like mask.

Slapping on the mask is not a hassle at all.  I would think that it is most suitable for people on-the-go (or the impatient ones) who do not have much time to spend lying around in bed for 15-20 mins & waiting for the mask to set.

For this Ginseng mask, you first have to cleanse your face & massage it on.  Then leave it for only 5 mins & rinse off!!!  It is THAT fast & simple.  You can even do this in the shower.  How convenient & fuss-free!!!  The fact that you only need 5 mins must mean that the mask is jam-packed filled with delicious potent stuff that works FAST to create results, right?

I am quite tempted to know what this tastes like.

Will it… taste like… ginseng?????

*chickens out*

Anyway, you know what it did for my skin?

The thing that I am absolutely most satisfied with is that I managed to get a slightly dewy complexion at the end of the 3-week testing!!!

I used to have these wrinkly fine lines around my cheek & mouth areas because they were so dry & my complexion has always been tired-looking.  But after 3 weeks, I feel that my complexion does not look that lifeless anymore!  Even the fine lines are not that obvious when I laugh or smile!  =D

However, my T-zone (which was originally already oily) has gotten a little oilier than before, so I would suggest not to apply this too often on the T-zone area.  Maybe just once a week is sufficient.

Overall, I truly am impressed with how this mask works out for me & give it a Berry Mii stamp of approval.  =D

I’m even thinking of trying out the other masks under this range!!!



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