Kiehl’s Contest!!!

25 Aug

Kiehl’s is starting to catch our attention after one of our bloggers at Berry Mii saw an article on the Midnight Recovery Concentrate!!!

They have a US website HERE on all the product ranges that they carry.

Upon further research on the internet, we found out that Kiehl’s have a Singapore blog HERE.

And RIGHT NOW, they are having a “Spot-The-Difference” contest!!!

Stand to win 1 x Midnight Recovery Concentrate (worth S$90)!!!  We actually tried to play this (because we so badly want to win that Midnight Recovery Concentrate but is too poor to buy it) but got stuck at the leafy photo at the Week 3 contest.  :- \  URG!!!!!  FRUSTRATED x10000000000000000!!!

The Week 4 contest is open NOW… by this week.

Can you manage to pass through all the stages.  Click HERE to play in this contest!!!  It is totally free & you even stand a chance to win!!!  QUICK GO & PLAY!!!  If you happen to win that Midnight Recovery Concentrate, please please please please please let us know what you think of the product after using it!!!!  We are SOOOOOOOOOOO interested in that!!! Simply because it is using 99.8% natural ingredients & is paraben-free!!!

We also have our eyes on 1 of their body lotion & eye cream.

Have you tried any of Kiehl’s products??


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