Vichy: Hydra-Perfecting Toner

23 Aug

Among all the toners that I have tried, the Vichy toner is definitely my favorite.

*pastes gold stars all over the bottle*

Sorry, I couldn’t post up my own photo becuz the bottle was so translucent & it was so hard to get a clear photo.  The above is taken from the Vichy website HERE.

Maybe it’s something about the fresh light medical scent that attracted me?  I don’t know why but I seem to feel that it makes me feel clean.  Of course it’s not the hospital kind of medicine scent.  It’s more fresh & light.  HARD TO DESCRIBE.  Just go visit a local pharmacy store to sniff a tester or something.

My skin is sensitive & when I use certain products, it tends to give me these mosquito-like bumps that itches like hell.  Some of my friends also experience this when they use products that are too harsh or when it contains certain ingredients.

My mum saw all these red rashes around my face & gave me a ½ used bottle of Vichy toner that she was using.  I was desperate, so I took it home & eventually, fell in love with it.

Mummy, you are a life-saver.  *big hugs*

This toner not only makes me feel like it has thoroughly cleansed my face, it also left me feeling hydrated but not oily.  It could be the combination of their thermal spa water + some kind of shea butter extract (as read from their ingredient list).

The best part?  It’s alcohol-free!!!!!!

This Vichy toner has also been tested on sensitive skin & is under dermatological control.

All these advantages are screaming USE ME USE ME USE ME SLAP ME ON YOUR FACE!!!!!!

You know what I learnt?  I learnt that if you want to tighten those pores, you can soak a cotton wool with toner & paste it on areas of your face (like the forehead or the nose or cheeks or chin).  Leave it for 10mins then remove the cotton wool.  No rinsing required.  You can then follow-up with your moisturizer & pimple cream or eye cream.  😉

I totally give this a Berry Mii stamp of approval!!!  My mom would too.

Have you tried the Vichy:  Hydra-Perfecting Toner?

Any other toners to recommend for sensitive skin???


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  1. Galie 25 August 2010 at 5:34 PM #

    hi hi! i sent an email to you! hope to hear from you soon!

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