Why I Prefer to Live in HDBs + Creepy Stories

18 Aug

Warning:  If you are especially timid or have a wild imagination in the night relating to weird encounters of the 3rd kind (which means GHOSTS / DEATH / SUICIDES), please DO NOT read on.  You have been warned ah.

Update:  This post has been slightly amended due to email feedback that it was slightly too gross + creepy for readers!!!

My family moved quite a number of times in my past (secret number of) years.  There was the 1st HDB point-block in Singapore to the condominium near Macpherson, then to the landed property in Macpherson, and back to a HDB in an ex-cemetery housing estate and to the 1st condominium-inspired HDB at Duxton.

So exactly how many times did I move?  *counts*… 5 times.  What’s wrong with them.  Studies show that moving house too often will create some sort of emotional instability in young children.  If you are a fan of the TV series Criminal Minds, you will know what I mean.

Regardless of where I move to or the kind of place I live in, I still prefer to live in a HDB.  Even if I happen to be filthy dirty rich in the future, I would still want to stay in a nice cozy little HDB.

I’ll tell you the reasons why:

1)  For most of us who do not have a maid & have to clean the house on our own, we only need to clean a small area in a HDB as compared to a large place like a bungalow.  Have you seen how dirty the backyard can become after a session of rain?  Not to mention the vagrant cats who squeeze thru your backgate & take a poop in your garden.

2)  I’m very sure that only people who own cars will understand me on this point.  You know how there are these foreigners who offer to wash your car for a cheap low price??  They will ride around in a bicycle, carrying a pail of water (god knows how many times they reuse that water), and help you clean your car in the middle of the night.  Then when they are done, they will leave the front windshield wipers up, so that you know that your car has been washed.

Ok, see.  If you live in a HDB & you park your car in the designated carpark area, you sometimes can get a FREE car wash!!!!  =D  *thumbs up thumbs up*… This usually happens when your car license plate number is very similar to another car.  Or that the model & color of your car is similar to another car.  This is what happened to my car quite a number of times already.  Hehehe… Even though that pail of water has been used & reused to the point where even NEWATER cannot make it clean again, but WHO CARES!!!  Free.  Car.  Wash.

3)  This point may have some mixed feelings.  For me, personally, I would feel safer at night when I live in a HDB.

Previously, when my family moved into a landed property, I was always wondering if there is anyone else (as in STRANGER) in the house with me.

Anyone could have climbed over the backgate.  I know this for sure because….. *ahem*… I had a guy friend over once when my family was out, but they came home all of the sudden, and my guy friend had to run out the backdoor & jump over the backgate to escape their sight.  I need to clarify that WE ARE INNOCENT.  The reason why there was a need for him to escape is because my family is extremely conservative.  A guy & a girl alone is a no-no.  And he actually dropped by to just hang out & pass me some notes for my exams.  SUM PAH (english translation would loosely mean: SWEAR ON IT).

So yeah, I do worry when I’m upstairs on the 2nd storey in my bedroom & at the same time, wondering if there is a strange man climbing over the backgate & eating our food or stealing our TV or trying to burn the house down.

Or worse… doing all the above in butt-naked form.

However, the strange thing is that I realized HDB flats are the ones that get burglarized more often than landed properties.  Hmmm… worth a thought.

Also, it is quite scary to go into the backyard late at night.  ESPECIALLY with my younger brother (who was in Primary School at that time).  There was this one time he whispered to me, “sister… there is a man standing there” and then he points to the backgate.  WTF?!?!?!??!?!?!  (O_O)  w…. w…. WTF?!?!?!??!!?  (O_O)  I mean like… .. … … … … …


*takes deeeeep breathes*… there was NOBODY standing there, ok.

*goes crazy & sings to that one popular Korean girl group tune*… NOBODY NOBODY BUT US… clapclap clap… There is nobody nobody but us… clapclap clap.  ohhhhh… Did he become siao… or is he just pak jiao… cuz there is nobody nobody… nobody but us!  yeah!

Buggy, you better don’t scare your big sister like that again or else I swear I’m going to send you to Woodbridge (unless I get admitted first).

I forever hate backyards now.

Moving on… …

4)  When living in HDB, sometimes you get to see a lot of exciting things!!!  Tee hee hee.  I myself have witnessed a few incidents!!!  :-O  You people are such exhibitionists!!!

But then again, there are also unpleasant things.  There were 3 (or was it 4) incidents where people jump off the building just beside my block.

There was a time where we heard a really loud bang.  And we were wondering what the hell was that sound.  Did someone throw a fridge out the window or what?

My mother even gave us this brief lecture about how we shouldn’t be making so much noise if we’re at the playground downstairs or else some psycho uncle might throw killer litter at us.

But all of the sudden, we heard some girl screaming “SOMEONE JUMPED DOWN!!!!!!”

Ok, so that loud bang was not killer litter.

Seriously?  Someone jumped down???????  No way, man!!!  We ran to our window to try to get a peek, but couldn’t see anything because our windows were at the wrong angles.  There were people emerging from their homes too.  All of them were standing along the corridors & looking down.  We also saw some people making phone calls (assuming to the police or ambulance).

Funny thing is, there were already about 3 or 4 deaths from just that same block.  If I’m not wrong, all were suicide cases by jumping off that block, unless it was MURDER, then that would make it more scary.  =|

My brother even witnessed once where he saw this guy lying on the pavement in a twisted mess & his face was facing upwards towards the sky.  People say that those who jump from buildings & die with their faces looking up towards the sky, will mean that there will be another death in that same building & also by jumping off it.

I probably should not be blogging about this during the Hungry Ghost Month.  Speaking of ghosts, I do have a few creepy tales to tell.  REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE, ok!!!

But I’ll leave the creepy tales after the Hungry Ghost Month.  I don’t want to jinx myself again.  Again???  Yes, again.

I have an amazing ability to creep myself out.

I’m going to go cuddle underneath my blanket now.

*omfg Zhen Zi, what are you doing there ?!?!?!*


Why do I keep doing this to myself.

Mummy, come & sleep with me tonight, can????


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