Hilarious Blog Post!

14 Aug

To all who have a sense of humor, or need it in their lives,

I dunno about you, but this particular blog post which I accidentally found tickles me.  But very funny thing is that the whole blog only has 2 posts….

=\  Really makes you wonder why…

Did he move to another blog?  Did he forget that he has a blog or did he forget his password login ID?  Is he only a 1-shot wonder & after these 2 posts, he couldn’t think of anymore funny things to post?

shit……………….. I’M DYING FROM CURIOUSITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I, the blogger of Berry Mii, pledge myself to stalk down this missing blogger.  Regardless of race, language or religion, I will hunt him down & share my findings as one united people (if that even make sense).

To read the full blog with the 2 blog posts.  Click HERE.

I love the one titled “Topics of Pure Evil“.

Here are a few excerpts of it:

Sprawls on the ground while my girlfriend violates my sisters. She’s been dying to do that for quite some time now XD EXPOSED!!!

Now to get back on track… I’ve had a lot of experience in women… OMG KEITH o_O I SEE THAT FRIGGIN SMILE DOES EVERYTHING HAVE TO BE SEX TO YOU!!

She’s MY SISTER~~ or brother… I can never tell with that phantom dick she keeps talking about.

Just some random dumb chick who was my best friend Keith’s girlfriend and decided one day to suddenly tell me how much she liked me… Stupid bitch.

She’s just twisted in every other way. I can’t remember how many hamsters she killed man… I think it was 7?

Interesting, rightttttttttttt???  It’s like this guy is funny but at the same time, there are parts of his post that makes you go “huh? wat the hell is he talking about?”.  I like him.

In the meantime, stalking-in-progress.


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