The Face Shop: Fruit Garden Hand Lotion

13 Aug

Holla!  For some reason, no matter how much water I drink or how many fruits I eat, my body is always parched.  Even when I go for spas, the therapists always say that I have dry body skin (but why is my T-zone SO OILY???)

At times, my hands feel so dry that it actually feels like the skin is stretching painfully like it is about to tear (I’m not kidding you, it is THAT dry).

Dry skin is due to the lack of natural body moisture.  Without this moisture, our body will lack its natural smoothness & firmness.  It will also lead to fine lines & wrinkles.

I am officially worried & do not want to end up looking like a dried prune anytime soon.  Especially when I work in an air-conditioned office which makes my body feel drier.

So,  I decided to get the hand lotion about 3 months ago.  Used it on my hands, arms, legs, feet & anywhere that feels dry.  I know it states that it’s only for HAND, but what the hell, right?

The hand lotion does smell VERY VERY pleasant!!!  Each time after application, I’m always bringing my hands to my nose for a whiff of the fragrance.  *eyeballs roll up into my head in ecstacy*… Nice smells make me feel soooooo high!!!!!  Feels like I just +50 strength & can go work like a cow now!!

Over these 3 months of applying the hand lotion everyday, I didn’t see any improvement to my hands.  Yes, they do feel smooth & soft right after application.  Yes, they prevented my skin from experiencing the dry ‘tearing’ feeling.  It is not oily nor sticky after application.  The sales asst evn told me that it was one of their best-sellers for hand creams.  =\  hmm… maybe more for normal skin but not hands that are as dry as mine.

Sad to say, there was no improvement.  I can still see that my skin quite wrinkly.  =(

However!  Lovely lovely fragrance.  One day, a friend was sitting next to me when she smelt the scent from the hand cream & asked me what perfume I was using.  I told her that it was coming from The Face Shop’s hand cream.  And you know what that crazy woman did???  She just had to TASTE it, give it a little lick & she SWALLOWED it.  (-_-)  Siao.  She then gave me this stoned-face & said that it tastes nothing like the peach nor pomegranate, even though it was written on the tube that it contains natural peach & pomegranate juices.

Overall, no Berry Mii stamp of approval from me.

Just maybe a little nod of approval.

Have you tried The Face Shop:  Fruit Garden Hand Lotion?

Did the fruity smell send similar pleasant signals to your brain?  I LOVE THAT!


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