Who is Berry Mii?

9 Aug

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I am Berry Mii.

For the longest time, I have been typing & revising & re-revising this page.

Finally, I am enlightened today.  The reason why I find it so hard to write about myself is because I am still discovering new things about me on a constant basis & I am changing frequently as I learn or experience stuff.

When I write about how childish I am, I know that is not true because I have a very mature side to me as well.  I love spicy food, but that is not always my favorite.  I am loud & crude, but I can be girlish too.  I have a strong personality, but I can have my weak moments.  I appear to be stubborn, but I am, in fact, a compromising person.

... feels like I am hard-selling myself now...

Therefore, it is very hard for me to write an “About Me” page.

So I decided not to talk about me & focus on what this blog is all about.

Berry Mii is not the 1st blog that I have created.  There is another blog of mine floating out there in the internet space.  It contains more personal events that reflect a Dr Jekyll / Mr Hyde personality.  One day, it got me wondering what will my future kids think of me when they read the original blog?  Would they be learning anything from it?  Some of the things that I blog about might be a little too over the top for them if they are still young & they might take it the wrong way.

Therefore, Berry Mii is to take my blog posts through my own life’s journey on a more informative level (not necessarily to be intellectual… haha) – whether it is discovering a remedy for eczema that I found over the internet, or fighting recurring cold sores, or buying a new product, engaging a new service, traveling to another country, web articles on current events, celebrity gossips, etc.

Of course, some parts of it will still be personal but I will try & keep this civil.  Try.

So that Berry Mii = safe for kids = PG rated

And when the children grow older & wiser, I might let them read that other blog of mine, give them a little pat on the back & tell them to read it with a touch of humor & pray that they will not judge me in any way.

I welcome any comments or emails or hate mails or if you can share any advise.  It is always good to know what you have learnt in your experiences as well.  Get a different perspective in life, a different view on how to get things done, or even a solution to a problem, or simply just to share a story.

I come in peace.  Always.  (dialogue extracted from the TV series – V)

p.s - this post will probably be re-re-revised again.

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